Nike Exec Calls LaVar Ball the ‘Worst Thing to Happen to Basketball In Last 100 Years’

LaVar Ball once said his son would only play for the Lakers. (Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Nike executive George Raveling deemed outspoken basketball dad LaVar Ball the worst thing to happen to the sport during the last century and many are pointing out the negative in Raveling’s ways.

A reporter for the SportsBusiness Journal tweeted remarks Nike’s Director of International Basketball made during the World Congress of Sports conference on Thursday, April 20.

Ball has been known as an advocate for his basketball-playing sons and Raveling noted that Ball’s son, Lonzo Ball, who is heading to the NBA after one season as a UCLA point guard, should be automatically admitted into heaven for putting up with his father, according to The Post Game.

“Down the hall, to the left and have a suite, son,” Raveling said of Lonzo Ball’s entrance in the afterlife.

LaVar Ball told USA Today in March he’s seeking a $1-billion marketing deal for Lonzo Ball and his two other sons, LiAngelo, who signed with UCLA, and LaMelo, who has committed to UCLA. LaVar Ball cited Nike among their considerations.

“A billion dollars, it has to be there,” he said. “That’s our number, a billion, straight out of the gate. And you don’t even have to give it to me all up front. Give us $100 mil over 10 years.”

Lavar Ball also has made waves for having his sons wear the family’s Big Baller Brand apparel during public appearances and at ball practice, which goes against NCAA policy.

Basketball fans, some who are usually against LaVar Ball, sided with him and called out Raveling for profiting from young athletes.

Several gave examples of worst things that have happened in basketball.

One shared an image of referee Tim Donaghy, who was involved in a 2007 NBA gambling scandal.

Some said Raveling simply needs to stay quiet.

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