Seahawks’ Michael Bennett Defends LaVar Ball’s Actions: ‘I Respect What U Doing’

After NBA prospect Lonzo Ball revealed the first images of his Big Baller Brand sneaker, many have criticized him and his father, LaVar, but Michael Bennett gives his full support.

The BBB signature ZO2 Prime shoe retails for $495, according to Slam, and they were in development before the Balls’ negotiations with Nike, Under Armour and Adidas fell through.

LaVar Ball gloated about the hefty price tag, which is nearly $100 more than the Air Jordan 5 Retro Premium shoe, on Twitter Thursday, May 4.

Bennett, a defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, found himself in a back-and-forth between sports fans who took issue with the high-priced sneaker when he backed LaVar Ball’s tweet.

Bennett also had an answer for fans who questioned his support.

Many Twitter users shared the same issues with the BBB and the other two pieces of footwear, including $220 slides and the ZO2 Wet Autographs edition. The $995 Wet shoe comes in a locked glass box complete with LED lights and Lonzo Ball’s signature.

Accusations of the ZO2s logo being a rip-off of the Zone 6 design by Ohio State coach Zach Smith also flew, as Smith called out Lonzo Ball on the matter.

Smith also chimed in on LaVar Ball’s tweet that led Bennett to defend him against nasayers.

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