Student Allegedly Spat on, Assaulted at School by Racist Bullies; Mother Vows to File Charges If School Does Not

The mother of a student at a Cornelius, N.C., high school says her daughter has been the target of racist bullies and now charges could be filed against the three tormentors.

Police have investigated the reports of abuse at William A. Hough High School and the mother told Channel 9 the three bullies were briefly suspended only for them to return to the class with her 15-year-old daughter.

She was spit on, she was called N-words, nasty racist things,” says the mother Friday, May 12 to the news station, which didn’t identify her or her daughter to protect the alleged victim.

The mother said the abuse increased to the point where a gym ball was hurled at her daughter’s face.

“She had to end up in the hospital last week with a facial contusion, a concussion,” the parent says.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools was contacted four times about what the district is doing to protect bullied students.

“Reports of bullying at any CMS school are taken very seriously,” the district said in a statement to Channel 9. “Federal student privacy laws prohibit the district from sharing specific information regarding any student.”

The student’s mother is not pleased with that response, saying her once “bubbly, spirit-filled young lady” now just wants to sleep.

“They did do a suicide assessment on her yesterday where [the clinician] talked to her and said she’s going to watch [my daughter] closely,” she says.

The teen’s mother said she will give the school time to press charges against the alleged bullies and if it doesn’t, she’ll file a complaint to protect her daughter.

A school resource officer has filed police reports for two cases of assault and one case of cyberbullying. The suspects in two of them are juveniles, so the district attorney is deciding if charges will be pressed. The suspect in the third case is 18 so the mother or the school can file a complaint.

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