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After Allegedly Being Spit On by White Co-Star and Blacklisted by CBS, Former ‘Young and the Restless’ Star Victoria Rowell Files Discrimination Lawsuit

It’s been roughly seven years since Victoria Rowell appeared on The Young and the Restless as Drucilla Winters, and in a recent lawsuit she insisted that the racial discrimination she experienced on set was the real reason she was forced to leave the show.

Fans of the daytime soap opera have long been asking for Rowell’s character to return to the show since the circumstances surrounding her on-screen death were sketchy and mysterious.

While a return from the dead would make quite the plot twist for the series, Rowell says racist cast members and producers are keeping her barred from the show and any other major acting gig she comes across.

She filed a lawsuit against CBS and Sony, the studios that produce the show, on Wednesday in Manhattan Federal Court.

According to the lawsuit, the 55-year-old actress claims Black actors were constantly belittled and disrespected on set.

At one point, she claims that she was forced to hire her own “capable African American hair stylist.”

The treatment she allegedly experienced while filming for the show is stunning and includes claims that she was actually spit on by one of her white co-stars Michelle Stafford.

“White actors and actresses taunted Ms. Rowell and the stylist with impunity, and told Ms. Rowell that her hair ‘smelled,’ ” the lawsuit reads.

Other allegations of racist antics include Melody Thomas Scott allegedly putting on a fake Afro and mocking Rowell while Stafford frequently referred to Rowell as a “freak.”

While Rowell has only recently filed the lawsuit, she has been speaking out about the alleged racial discrimination that happened on set for years.

At one point, her accusations even forced the show to bring on a Black writer back in 2011.

Based on the experiences Rowell recalls in the lawsuit, it doesn’t seem likely that she would want to return to The Young and the Restless anyway, but she says producers have now had her blacklisted from many other major roles.

“Ms. Rowell has been blacklisted from even being considered for roles on daytime television and on any CBS programming, not because of any acting deficiencies or viewers’ desires, but because of retaliation for her advocacy for African Americans in front of and behind the cameras,” the lawsuit says.

She is seeking both back pay and front pay that will be determined at trial in addition to unspecified damages.

These are heavy accusations against one of today’s biggest networks, but a CBS spokeswoman wrote off the claims as Rowell’s poor attempt to “rewrite history.”

“We were disappointed to learn that, after leaving the cast of ‘The Young and The Restless’ on her own initiative, Ms. Rowell has attempted to rewrite that history through lawyers’ letters and a lawsuit that has no merit,” the spokeswoman said, according to the NY Daily News. “We harbor no ill will toward Ms. Rowell, but we will vigorously defend this case.”


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112 thoughts on “After Allegedly Being Spit On by White Co-Star and Blacklisted by CBS, Former ‘Young and the Restless’ Star Victoria Rowell Files Discrimination Lawsuit

  1. Long overdue Victoria!

  2. Damn. Sounds like work place bullying or organized gang stalking. Interesting. Hope she gets her just desserts. I don't understand why black people even suffer thru this kind of shit. All to be cast as buffoons and perpetual dsyfunctional characters. I'm actually shocked that the mini-series, the Book of Negroes was even made..but then again, it was on tv in Canada & it is focused on the new fixation topic–slavery. They seem to be obsessed with that topic nowadays. I guess they must be longing for submissive 'darkies' who knew their place. Cuz we KNOW it damn sure ain't about revisiting historical wrongs and righting them.

  3. I hope she has solid and irrefutable proof or the media will be judge and jury fueled by industry rumors. Jay, you asked why they do it – for a dream that white people will always try to defer and Black people will not support unless the dream is supported (or validated) by white folk.

  4. LOL Look at the people talking about "rewritting history" LOL!

  5. Glenys Gayle says:

    Rewriting history? The nerve of these people! I hope she is very successful

  6. I'm hoping Tyler Perry or any of the other black writers uses her in some of their movies "already." She is such a great actor and the one who played Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) I'm not surprise of her antics. She looks like someone from the trailer parks who is definitely a racist. But I am surprised of Melody Thomas Scott. I always thought she was a classy lady. My feelings aren't the same for her or the show. It makes me look at Y&R differently now. I've been watching this show since the first day when in high school. It's leaving a bad taste in my mouth now. I was so dedicated in not missing a show, but I care less rather I see it or not. If I catch seeing it once a week is fine no problems at all. Maybe this is why some of the players left unexpected in the past. Couldn't stand what was going on behind the curtains and the writers and producers didn't help.

  7. I believe every word she is saying !!! My Son and I went to a taping of the David Letterman's show and were treated horrible !!

  8. Tammy Reed says:

    Seriously? ? Was she not a main character in diagnosis murder ?? There goes the blacklist theory!

  9. In regards to the tv show diagnosis murder. She was still on Y&R and that show was canceled in 2001 and 7or 8 years ago she was on y&r mean that tge othet dhow was already canceled. And no we have not seen her on anything since. She was on a show let's stay together which is on a black network. So blacklist theory can be very well true on their major networks.

  10. If she was indeed discriminated against I hope she gets her day in court to defend her statements. If there are others I hope they come forward.

  11. I hope she wins. CAN thinks they can ignore the charges and make people think those things did n't happen. I'm sure they did. Things never change when the privileged are in control.

  12. John Lindsay says:

    I hope others will come forward.

    United we stand, divide we fall.
    Such a simple concept, isn't it?
    Been working for Whites, etc…for centuries.

  13. Sam Smith says:

    Sad to hear that my sister.

  14. I hope she wins this case. Enough of the racist antics. She has my full support

  15. Kelley Blair says:

    I don't know any actors from Young and Restless that are working. Guess they all have been Blacklisted.

  16. Pamela Smith says:

    We already know that Sony is racist so why wouldn't this be true

  17. The punk that spit on her Should have had his face put on the news After it was beaten up.

  18. I too was discriminated against at the workplace because of my skin color and I could tell that he was very races and didn't like black people is so sad today that we still continue to have discrimination

  19. they all look racist that's why I Haven't watch it since she not on

  20. I also hope she has written proof and favorable witnesses; otherwise it's just her allegations. She does have to met the burden of proof as plaintiff in a court of law.

  21. She was one of them too or ago she thought she thought she had been accepted when the truth is no one of Olof is given a chance without compulsion from outside.

  22. Boycott CBS and those companies that sponsor it's programming.

  23. what do you mean what went on.

  24. Rhonda Davis says:

    Sounds like an adverage racist day at work for most black women that get taunted an bullied by white women. I dont know what else white women need from black women , they just keep attacking sistas, a co-worker finally had enough verbal taunting f om wgote women at work she finally did something to protect herself.

  25. oh come on people, they have plenty of black people on that show, they are not raceist

  26. omg, sugar honey ice tea, she is good. spit, make fun etc etc etc, I would of put my foot so deep in someone ass, I got piss from reading the story.

  27. omg, sugar honey ice tea, she is good. spit, make fun etc etc etc, I would of put my foot so deep in someone ass, I got piss from reading the story.

  28. Chloe Thomas says:

    You know I've seen lots of her interviews and this woman is never satisfied with anything. She talks trash about everyone she works with. Perhaps it's her own attitude that prevents her from getting good roles or getting rehired by Y&R.

  29. Cora Cooper says:


  30. What does a racist LOOK like? STFU

  31. What does a racist LOOK like? STFU

  32. I am sure if he was on there was reason The other black actors ant stand her eirtherso I don't think she is sooi nnocent.

  33. I am sure if he was on there was reason The other black actors ant stand her eirtherso I don't think she is sooi nnocent.

  34. Hope she has proof. Her allegations are getting more outlandish every day!

  35. Ellen Ann says:

    If she had mentioned this at the time of her leaving the show it might be more believable but common sense would ask, ''if you are treated that badly why would you want to go back''.
    There is no reason in this world why anyone would tolerate being treated so shamelessly , and she says she is a ''strong'' woman and can't fathom waiting 8 years to tell this story. Over the years she was asked about returning to the show and said she had no interest, that ship has sailed, so why the turn around and say different now. If she is not getting any work she needs to get a new ''Agent''.

  36. OMG! REALLY? They didn't have you blacklisted Victoria! You did that to YOURSELF! No one wants to hire a crazy lady! It's funny how she has been off the of the show for all these years and it's not until she can't get a job that she is throwing this crap out there!

  37. Well…that's not saying much. David Letterman is rude to everyone. Alex Trebeck is the worse.

  38. It was the past Phyliss, Michelle Stafford.

  39. I want to know where all this white priviledge is. I need to go get mine. I must have missed that line, in my "oh so priviledged whiteness."

  40. Michele is gone now, and neal needs a woman, bring her back.


  42. One of my favorite soaps, but i may have to stop watching.

  43. Michelle Stafford is on General Hospital. Not black, but there.

  44. It was. Lady Michelle Stafford. She played Phyllis Neuman.

  45. Vicki Stokes says:

    She's gorgeous. There's no reason for her NOT to be working. I don't watch soaps so can't comment on acting ability. However, I didn't know being able to act was a requirement to perform on a soap.





  49. All that glitters is not Gold. Their world was not yours .She got caught caught in warped values and un holy morals and values!
    Lesson learned!

  50. so dumblook at the dates before sayinf something silly

  51. Keith Hudson says:

    This does not shock me. I ran into Melody Thomas Scott back in 1995 in a building where I worked. I was excited and told her I was a big fan of the show and she acted like she did not want to give me the time of day. She barely even looked at me.

  52. It happens every where and in every occupation ,am in London in films but before i used to work for a local council housing department rents. I was told to evict black people and those with non english sounding names , but those that are white and have white sounding names i was to chase up their rent payments at the Benefits office ( Welfare) if needed and tell the Benefits office that they are to pay it immediately (BTW Yep even in welfare payments black people get less than whites its true ) …anyway for blacks etc i was NOT to do that but to serve them with notice giving a 3 week period. I said i couldnt . why couldnt i pursue the payment for all of the tenants? They said it was the policy of the council to do it that way . I said i couldnt and so had no job to return to at the end of that week . Its true. No explaination no disciplinary action nothing . When we speak up for defend our people satan hates it and punishes us. But one cant afford not to walk in Godly Love , respect ..its not an option

  53. hasnt changed from bullying on the school yard to bullying in the executive broad rooms.

  54. Kimmily Anne says:

    Ashley is on the Real Hosewives of Beverly Hills..

  55. I'm concerned about the statute of limitations. She left the show seven years ago. She and her attorney/s are going to have to proof substantially that her being blacklisted is a direct result of what occurred with the show. I truly hope she has substantial documented proof and/or events that are more likely to have happened than not. Otherwise, the defense is going to go for "Her allegations that she's been blacklisted as a result of………. is circumstantial.

  56. What about Neil, Hillary, Lily and Devon? I don't hear any outrage from them about the so called race discrimination. And why did she wait so long to sue? Hmmm. Interesting.

  57. There is no "if" she was discriminated against. She was and you know when you are the only Black person in any working situation, you will experience racism. I was fired from a production because I (being the only Black on the crew and production manager at that) "didn't look or act republican enough."

  58. Tomi Brown says:

    You can't tell the truth with white folks. They like for people to lie to them in their fantasy world. You think she gonna make things up for what purpose?

  59. Tomi Brown says:

    These people stick together when it comes to something like this only the black people don't. We love our white folks so much they do no wrong because they gave us jesus 🙂

  60. Tomi Brown says:

    Linda Slaughter Moore She's not there anymore. She's now on General Hospital. Maybe that's what happened to her, l heard she had surgery l don't know where on her body tho

  61. Tomi Brown says:

    That's white man scared of their own shadow. They worry we might take their low paying jobs. Is like someone don't want you but don't want you to be happy

  62. Tomi Brown says:

    Yeah, you can say that sitting in your privilege world. Were you there, did it happen to you? Having plenty of black people at a job mean nothing in the white world. We're talking about discrimination here which l wish on no one

  63. Tomi Brown says:

    I may stop watching myself too. If you don't want them don't hire them. Don't do us a favor

  64. Tammy that part in diagnosis murder does not mean she was not blackballed in gayhollyweird. She is blackballed, what have u seen her in since?? NOTHING!!! stop defending gayhollyweird, it actually needs to burn down.. VIctoria is a dumb ass for even putting up with that shit one time and letting a white woman spit in your face!! OH MY GOD!! That bitch would have been beaten into a coma and it would have held up in court. It kills me that some black people in hollyweird ass kiss and put up with racist people and their racist shit just to be seen in a damn movie or tv show.. DUMB ASS IGNORANT PEOPLE!! ONLY THING RACIST PEOPLE UNDERSTAND IS A BEATDOWN INTO A COMA..

  65. I believe you. That show lost its appeal to me years ago.

  66. Damita Green says:

    I want to know if any of the other black actors have experience any of the treatment she did, and if so, why are they not speaking out about it.

  67. Shemar Moore is on Criminal Minds

  68. Should the same logic apply to all of those "women" who claimed that Bill Cosby raped them thirty plus years ago?

  69. I'll never watch it again!

  70. I say good for her, bcus she was loving those white devil's now she's crying racism, once you cross over you are not allowed to come back. And that goes for all of you dumb sister's sucking that devils dick and when he gets tired of your nigga ass you start crying racism good for her,she thought she was white anyway.

  71. Why didn't Victoria lay that CAVE BITCH OUT???

  72. Wait a damn second. This woman is 55?!?!?

  73. Patty Gayden says:

    You don't want to get me started on how poorly Black models were treated and discriminated against back in the day. I most certainly believe her. Somebody mentioned Diagnosis Murder? Like when was this in the dinosaur era? I have not seen her in anything in years–now I know why. So I will NEVER turn on CBS soaps now and I was looking for soaps to replace my long gone AMC and OLTL. But not now. It is interesting how "some" come on here with the same nonsense and I turned off my favorite soap because they had ONE Black cast member on out of about 30 cast members with no real storyline. This has been going on for years. It is only last year that they have been really incorporating Black characters into their storylines with real families, not just fake A supporting partime characters. You think this is unreal right with NO Black actors nominated in the decades old Oscars. Be for real folks who refuse to see truth!

  74. Patty Gayden says:

    Tomi Brown Yeah she is on GH and now I will turn her off when I see her onscreen. If this is true it is pitiful. I faced so much discrimination when I worked as a model in Chicago I know EXACTLY what she is going through. And look at the fashion industry and how much it STILL has not changed. I don't even buy fashion magazines any longer for this very reason. My mom said "Don't support the station OR sponsors who won't hire you." We need to learn this. But pretty pretty pathetic.

  75. Patty Gayden says:

    How about asking me? I posted PLENTY on this thread. Ask ME how Black "models" were treated and left out of work back in the day when I worked in the industry–that's not even actresses. And DON'T get me started on how we were NEVER sent out on anything film related. We were put in an "ethnic" file and NOT even sent on the same jobs as White models. I ONLY got a cigarette ad back in the day because the photogrpaher's wife saw me standing on a corner dispatching buses at my "real" job. My photo was NEVER even submitted when the ad was actually targeted for the Black and Latino community and she TOLD me they ONLY received photos of White models. Know why? Because the job paid thousands of dollars. People need to be made aware of crap like this–REAL stories. Just because you see a few Black faces doesn't mean JACK compared to what we're left OUT of.

  76. Isn't it ironic white people. It always come down to the proof. For many years black men and women were consistently abuse, whether being mistreated by the system, or beaten by the police. But until technology blessed us with the video camera, everything was swept up under the rug or "no this never happened", or "what did he or she do to provoke this" Aren't I right white folks!? Even with the video camera, whites have consistently walk away with nothing done and the smile on their face. Well well well! Is it here we go again or are you going to do the right thing? Oh yeah Ms. Rowell, it would help if you had some type video evidence, but nothing is guaranteed.

  77. I'm so sorry that she had to go through this bullshit, but that is nothing new and it will never change!!!

  78. Pssssst.. Your ignorance is showing…

  79. San Olowu says:

    She was my daytime TV crush way back when 🙂 can't imagine what she went through. Wish her well

  80. I hope she has credible evidence to back up her story or this is all she say.

  81. See this is why black people should stick together to fight discrimination, white people are allowed to violate black people rights and nothing is ever done. The white bitch should have been fired on the spot, this is not back in the slavery time. I will never watch this soap again in my life, I did not know these racist bastard and bitches were doing black actotr and actress like this, and where the hell are the other black actors and actress; why the hell are you standing up for her, are you guys to dam weak and uncle toms

  82. See this is why black people should stick together to fight discrimination, white people are allowed to violate black people rights and nothing is ever done. The white bitch should have been fired on the spot, this is not back in the slavery time. I will never watch this soap again in my life, I did not know these racist bastard and bitches were doing black actotr and actress like this, and where the hell are the other black actors and actress; why the hell are you standing up for her, are you guys to dam weak and uncle toms

  83. She did speak on this a lot. Not just now. Hope it all works out.

  84. Erica Bow-stra Right!!! But then again, look at the complexion. This person has absolutely no clue!! They have never experienced it!!

  85. REAL RACISM Exist everywhere specially on the sets in Hollywood California. BLESS YOU Victoria and Thank you for STAND YOUR GROUND on REAL RACISM IN HOLLYWOOD. It was always know it existed there. In this day and time, hidden RACISM IS Rampant. As I see MORE white man are appearing with BLACK WOMEN in Commercials but NO BLACK MEN with WHITE WOMEN. We ALL see the Hidden racism.

  86. Lisa Calkins says:

    Tomi Brown not all of us…blanket statements are not useful, I fully believe Ms. Rowell and have always been a fan of hers. I have wondered over the years why we no longer found her on tv or in movies and I for one hope someone who can change things does. She is a beautiful woman and a great actress, I wish her the best of luck on righting this wrong.

  87. I hope she wins why in the hell will she make this up and how can she make this up?

  88. That witch had spit on me, there would have been a for real a$$ whooping on set that day!!!

  89. Shawn Levi says: have no idea

  90. Just horrible! Victoria was awesome as Drucilla! Sounds like that show needs to go off air completely!

  91. Sylvie Mann says:

    How dare they do that ,what makes them think they are any better then this young lady.they may live to regret there rudeness.

  92. You are white and will never know what is like to be black in "White America." I dare you say they were not racist, just like white folks to try and deny racism when they have never experienced racist treatment because of the color of their skin. Keep denying it, turn the other cheek, but you all will pay someday for how racist you are towards black people. You don't' care, if you did it would be easy for you to see how racist white American is. You know not what is to be treated differently because of the color of your skin. So disappear into thin air.

  93. Well now it's time that Black people stop looking at Young and the restless now we see why we as a people needs to boycott. Things will never change if we as Blacl people don't stick together. I pray that things work out for her

  94. I am sick and tired of racist white people posting cold and devilish comments about this situation. You all know about racism, but you choose to ignore it because white folks are thriving because of racism. Learn about black history and slavery Ms privelidge white woman.

  95. Just like those women who are saying they were raped by Bill Cosby. You white folks are believing those lies so why not believe Dru. Racist.

  96. Your are just ignorant. That's all I can say about you.

  97. You know the racist game. It will be too obvious if they were racist black actors and actresses. Come on… You know that. Get your head out of the sand.

  98. I stopped watching that show years ago. I couldn't relate to it, not enough black women on the show with parts that relates to black women.

  99. Ellen Ann says:

    Melissa Veronica Mathews What does race have to do with it,,,Nothing! I don't believe those women of Bill Cosby's at all. None of them,,i said this whole time it was sex and they were a willing participant so how is it rape,,you can't rape the willing.
    Not to mention they took the pills themselves. You show up in a strangers room he gives you pills and you take them? One thing for sure these women were stupid. These was nothing racist about what i said unless asking why she would endure all this and want to go back to it was racist.. It was a simple question ,,no accusations. I do not believe lies no matter whose mouth they come out of .
    I heard Victoria say she didn't want to go back to Y & R, that shiphas sailed and it wasn't until the show hired another actress to play the part that started this whole thing. She called them racist but the actress they hired was black so how is that racist? Another thing,,,,if this was such an issue 8 years ago why wasn't this brought up then and not now when they wouldn't hire her back from a job she said she didn't want.

  100. Wow i was wishing she would come back to her husband again..would've been a good story

  101. Mamie Thomas says:

    The only black person on Young And The Restless, even now is Neil Winters, the rest appear to be of a mixed race. I wish Ms Rowell the best of luck with her lawsuit. She was one of the best on Y&R and the show would improve if she were to come back!

  102. Sorry to that i wonder why they never brought her back playing a different role BUT i still watch the show

  103. Angel Foster says:

    I wish she would've came out sooner with the truth because she's a great actress!! If I stopped watching them when Michelle Stafford (she used to be my fav until now), Michael Muhney (precious Adam Newman), and Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) I DEFINITELY would've boycotted sooner!!! #PayHer #RestoreHerCareer #VictoriaRowellDeservesHerCareer

  104. I never liked Michelle Stafford on the show she played a bitch and its seems she is one.

  105. I went through something very similar at my job and what she stating is accurate. I wish her the best.

  106. I stopped watching Y&R after they killed her off and Malcom left……

  107. You're living in a white world white man where white people are given everything possible. You have no clue to what black people experience in day to day life. How about you read and Lear about our black history, slavery and how white people took land, money and a lot more from black people and the Indians. You are racist and cannot and will not sympathize or empathize the struggle of black people. Delete yourself until you learn black history and low down white people treated the slaves and how they treat us now. It is called "Hidden Racisn"

  108. Probably is true who knows all the shit that's going on today !

  109. She was on Diagnosis Murder from '93 until '02. Y & R '90 until '07.

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