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Migos Stir Up Criticism Over Comments Seeming to Insult Nigerian Fans’ English

Nigerian Twitter users tore into Migos after a recent appearance where member Offset described the nation as a third-world country.

When “Highly Questionable” host Dan Le Batard asked about the most awe-inspiring place Migos has worked, Quavo responded Lagos, Nigeria, and said the fans enjoyed their performance.

But many took issue with Offset’s response to a question about the most surprising part of Migos’ visit.

“We were surprised because when we was on the highways, you were seeing, it’s like, it’s a third-world country, so [there’s] a lot of struggle in the city you can see,” he says Thursday, April 13. “To see it first hand, it was amazing. And for them to come to the show and know [the lyrics] word-for-word that mean they look up … they pay attention to everything that’s going on. They knew word-for-word and their English wasn’t even that good.”

Nigeria once had Africa’s largest economy but last year it was hit by an oil crisis and inflation.

Offset’s statements began to pick up steam on social media nearly two weeks after the segment aired, with many Nigerians calling out Migos.

Non-Nigerians also voiced their irritation.

The discussion became so widespread it reached Instagram.

One person wasn’t upset by Offset’s remarks.

A couple thought Nigerians’ English was bad.


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