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Talib Kweli on Donald Trump: ‘America Is Paying Us Back for the N—– President’

Rapper and activist Talib Kweli has no doubt America’s racial divide contributed to the presidential election of Donald Trump and says it’s payback for Barack Obama’s tenure in office.

“I think it’s made people understand the bar is set way lower for white people,” Kweli tells TMZ Tuesday, April 25, when asked about how Trump’s presidency has affected Obama’s legacy. “Trump can be mediocre, he could be a failure.

“Obama had to work so much more harder,” he says. “Harder than anybody else. He had so many more obstacles in front of him than Donald Trump had. And he still was called a monkey. He was still called a liar to his face by our Congressman [Joe Wilson]. Donald Trump lies every day. Ain’t nobody calling him a liar to his face. The bar is way [lower] for white men.”

Kweli was positive the racial division in the U.S. has caused the discrepancy between how Trump is treated compared to Obama.

“Oh, that’s the whole reason Donald Trump’s president,” he says. “It’s America paying us back for the n—– president.”

Unlike other Black celebrities before him, Kweli said he would refuse to have a talk with Trump.

“Absolutely not,” Kweli said. “Donald Trump would have to say a hell of a lot of things. He would have to make a lot of apologies before I would sit down with a man like that.”

Kweli said diversity is what makes America great and advised Trump to learn about the country’s marginalized communities, including Black people.

“People who are going to be further marginalized in Trump’s America, he should reach out to those communities and listen to those communities instead of dictating to those communities,” Kweli said.

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