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Jamie Foxx Says Being a Star Today Isn’t the Same As It Was 20 Years Ago

Jamie Foxx used to enjoy being a star, but with social media abounding, he doesn’t think it’s quite as cool.

“It’s different now,” Foxx told Extra when asked if he would want to be anonymous for a day. “Fifteen, 20 years ago, before social media, it was cool to be a star. Look, I think I do pretty good, I’m always sort of ducking and dodging. But, I love watching other people get in trouble, It’s great. ‘Oh, hey, they got ’em, oh they got ’em!’ As long as it’s not me, I’m cool.”

Foxx is gearing up for the premiere of his new game show on Fox called, “Beat Shazaam,” which features contestants playing against the popular music recognition app in the final round to guess the song that’s playing and win $1 million.

“It’s so much fun. We’ve been trying to get this done for a couple years,” Foxx says of the series premiering Thursday, May 25. “I’m the executive producer and the host, the hostest with the mostest. It has a little bit of the element of a talk show in a sense.”

Foxx also discussed how filming is progressing for “Robin Hood” in Croatia, where Foxx had a run-in with a racist diner in February. Foxx plays Little John in the film due in March 2018.

“Leonardo DiCaprio is a producer, and what he’s done with it, he’s turned it on its side a little bit,” Foxx says. “And we watched some of the footage of it. … It sort of has a ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ [feel], almost looks like the modern day with the arrows.”

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