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Police Charge Men for ‘Disturbing the Peace’ After They Hurl N-Word at Jamie Foxx

Actor Jamie Foxx recorded the moment when men who allegedly hurled a racial slur at him were removed from a Dubrovnik, Croatia, restaurant.

Foxx was dining in the eastern European country Sunday, Feb. 19, when two men called him “crnčuga,” the derogatory Croatian term for the n-word, according to Total Croatia. In a now-deleted Instagram video, Foxx talked about the racist incident and said staff escorted the men out of the restaurant. He further explained the men were drunk and mocked their assault on him in Snapchat videos.

Local police were called to the eatery around 10 p.m. after they were alerted to the public disruption. Officers said Monday, Feb. 20, that the offending men, one 44 years old and the other 50, were behaving “in a particularly arrogant and rude way” toward guests and employees. Authorities confirmed the older man “assaulted one of the guests on racial grounds,” but they did not verify exactly who was targeted. After charging the men with a misdemeanor for disturbing the peace, police vowed to continue investigating the matter.

Foxx didn’t let the incident affect him, as he reportedly remained in a good mood for the rest of the evening. On Tuesday, Feb. 21, Foxx, who is working in Croatia filming “Robin Hood: Origins,” posted an Instagram video complimenting the country’s people and its beauty.

“I’m all the way from Terrell, Texas,” he said as he panned the camera toward the Adriatic Sea. “Don’t tell me your dreams can’t come true.”

This was the latest dining incident for Foxx, who faced another unsettling episode at Los Angeles seafood restaurant Catch in January. TMZ reported a fellow diner walked up to Foxx’s party and complained they were being too loud. When Foxx’s friend argued back, witnesses claimed the offender lunged at the actor, causing Foxx to reportedly place the man in a chokehold. The accused individual was ultimately removed from the celebrity hotspot.

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