Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Says Black People, Not Systemic Racism, Is What’s Holding Us Back

Dez Bryant seems to feel like his success story should be possible for all Black people because, apparently, all Black people have the ability to be world-class athletes. (@dezbryant/Instagram)

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant exposed his lack of knowledge on American racism by claiming Black people are to blame for the lack of success in the community.

To some of his Instagram followers, Bryant may be better off just sticking to football.

“I love to express my thoughts and feelings,” Bryant said in the caption of the first of several Instagram messages posted Sunday, April 9. Each post shared the 28-year-old’s perspective on racism across the nation, which had nothing to do with systemic oppression and everything to do with Black people needing to be in charge of their own success.

1-4 I love to express my thoughts and feelings

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4-4 have a blessed Sunday

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“Not that my opinion matters,” Bryan wrapped up the series of self-expression. “Just sharing my thoughts.”

As if to drive the point home about overcoming hardship, as he said civil rights leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Malcolm X did, Bryan shared a screenshot of a 2015 Rolling Stone story chronicling his background.

Whenever GOD give you an opportunity.. you better take advantage of it and BUILD #x

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A division was sparked among his fans.

Some wholeheartedly agreed that the responsibility is on Black people not to cast blame on white people and “create our own reality.”

Others felt Bryant ignored the centuries of rules and regulations that purposely prevent Black people from obtaining true success.

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