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Suge Knight Claims His Ex-Wife and Death Row Employee Were Behind Tupac’s Death

Suge Knight was driving the BMW that Tupac was murdered in 21 years ago. (Chad Buchanan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images for Moet USA)

After years of silence, Suge Knight has revealed stunning new claims about the murder of rap legend Tupac Shakur and Knight alleges he was the intended target of the drive-by shooting.

In a signed affidavit from Knight’s attorney, Thaddeus Culpepper, obtained by filmmakers of the 2017 documentary “Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton,” co-director Richard Bond says Knight confirmed the story told in the doc is true, according to WENN. That means the former Death Row Records CEO’s ex-wife, Sharitha, and DRR security chief Reggie Wright Jr. were behind the plan that was originally intended to end Knight’s life, not Shakur’s. Wright denied he was involved in the fatal Shakur shooting in a 2014 L.A. Weekly interview.

Sharitha Knight and Wright allegedly plotted to kill Suge Knight to take over Death Row, a theory originally established in the 2014 book, “Tupac 187: The Red Knight,” which is authored by Bond and his “Battle for Compton” co-director Michael Douglas Carlin, along with late LAPD detective Russell Poole.

A film spokesperson told WENN that Culpepper alleged the 1996 Las Vegas shooting that left Shakur dead and Suge Knight just scraped by shrapnel and glass “may have been the first in a history of attempts on Knight’s life, culminating in the [2014] attempted killing of Knight at the 1Oak Club in Los Angeles, where he was shot six times.

“He admitted to Culpepper that the theories in the movie were true,” the spokesperson said. “Bond had met with Knight’s private investigators, who were interested in how this information was collected, and Bond and Carlin stand by their insistence that Knight was a victim in Vegas, at 1Oak and in the Compton incident Knight is currently pending trial for.”

Suge Knight’s trial for murder, attempted murder and hit-and-run charges is due to begin in June. It stems from a 2015 incident where he hit and killed his friend Terry Carter and injured actor Cle Sloan as Knight attempted to escape Sloan’s punches.

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