The Vehicles Tupac and Biggie Lost Their Lives In Are Up for Auction

The Notorious B.I.G. (left) and Tupac Shakur were killed within six months of one another and both of their murders have remained unsolved. (Promo)

Two morbid pieces of hip-hop memorabilia are up for auction at $1.5 million a pop — the vehicles rappers Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur were murdered in.

A green 1997 GMC Suburban 2500 that Biggie, real name Christopher Wallace, was shot in on March 9 of that year is up for grabs from Moments In Time auction.

A California woman sent a letter to the sellers March 2, 2017, saying she and her husband bought the SUV in October 1997 from a broker who purchased it at an auction. The spouses were unaware of its history, as the bullet-ridden door had reportedly been replaced by the time they bought the vehicle. They only learned about its story when a Los Angeles Police Department detective contacted the couple once Wallace’s wrongful death suit went to court in 2005.


Having logged 114,000 miles, the Suburban is still in running condition and the woman asked the LAPD to return the original doors for the new owner to have on the vehicle. Photos show that even though the door was replaced, the seatbelt the Notorious B.I.G. wore after leaving a music industry party two decades ago still shows a bullet hole.

The owner of B.I.G.’s SUV got the idea to sell the car after 20 years when she read a report that Moments In Time is selling the 1996 BMW 750IL Shakur was shot and killed in. The rapper sat in the passenger seat as then-Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight drove from a Las Vegas boxing match on Sept. 7, 1996. Pac was hit four times in a drive-by shooting and died of his wounds six days later.

After the shooting, TMZ reported the black BMW, which now has more than 90,000 miles on it, was impounded by the Las Vegas Police Department and auctioned off. It changed owners several times and has been refurbished with only a bullet dent in the interior door panel remaining.

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