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Kendrick Lamar Comes for Absolutely Everybody, Including the President, In Quietly Dropped Single

Kendrick Lamar’s new single “The Heart Part 4” unexpectedly dropped and his fans quickly realized it was full of reported thinly veiled disses to rappers Big Sean, Drake and even President Donald Trump.

Lamar casually tweeted a Spotify link to the tune in the early hours of Friday, March 24, and it has since garnered more than 17,600 retweets and 29,500 likes. It is the newest in a series of “The Heart” songs that first debuted in 2010 with “The Heart Pt. 1.”

“My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil’ sh–,” Lamar rapped, seeming to take aim at Big Sean. “I’ll Big Pun your punk ass, you a scared lil’ b—-/ Tip-toeing around my name, n—- ya lame / And when I get at you, homie, don’t you tell me you was just playin’.”

Reports speculate the line, “Jay Z Hall of Fame, sit ya punk a– down,” is also a reference to Big Sean who released the album “Hall of Fame” in 2013.

Lamar also seemed to take aim at Drake by spitting, “Tables turn, lesson learned, my best look / You jumped sides on me, now you ’bout to meet Westbrook / Go celebrate with your team and let victory vouch you / Just know the next game played, I might slap the s— out you / Technical foul, I’m flagrant, I’m fouled / They throwin’ me out, you throwin’ the towel.”

And like many rappers have done with previous presidents, Lamar took aim at the Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump, calling him a “chump” and taking aim at his ties with Russia and the election votes.

Russia need a replay button, y’all up to somethin’,” Lamar rapped. “Electorial votes look like memorial votes / But America’s truth ain’t ignorin’ the votes / It’s blasphemy … How many leaders gon’ tell you the truth after me?”

The rhymes were enough to elicit a wave of humorous responses from Twitter.

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