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The Remy Ma and Azealia Banks Beef Heats Up

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This isn’t the first beef Azealia Banks and Remy Ma have had, but it’s their first one with each other.
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Azealia Banks has ignited a feud with Remy Ma that shows no signs of slowing down. Banks, who is known for beefing with all kinds of celebs, dug up an interview from Remy and issued a response that has had the two going back and forth ever since.

“When I came home it was nothing,” Remy told Ebro In the Morning during a recent interview. “It was tumbleweeds blowing through as far as female artists is concerned.”

Well, Banks took issue with that statement and decided to school her predecessor on the state of women in hip-hop.

“Remy … you absolutely must step your s— up,” Banks wrote on Instagram Saturday, Dec. 9. ‘The music you have been releasing is some serious old head rap s— and it’s 100 percent unfair that you stand up on your reality tv booster seat and make any statements about female rap as if you have done a single thing to move the cultural needle since you’ve been home. … You are struggling to keep up with the rest of female rap and it’s time you seriously leave the Nicki Minaj subs and disses at home.”

The statement was heavily edited from one in which Banks called out Remy’s “obsession” with Minaj and told her not to let “these n—– gas you.”

Remy soon caught wind of the remarks and zeroed in on Banks’ statements about her beef with Nicki Minaj, which unleashed this summer. In response, Remy posted screenshots of texts Banks allegedly sent her, in which Banks slammed the “No Frauds” rapper. The “Conceited” rapper also called out Banks for changing her caption. Click the arrow to the right in each post to get the full picture.

Banks wouldn’t let the beef go and issued a clarification of sorts in her Instagram story Sunday, Dec. 10.

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“I don’t like you calling out b—– for being fake when you’re on a scripted reality show,” Banks said in the since-removed clips. “It just doesn’t make any sense.

“You didn’t post any of the f—— texts where I told you, like, ‘B—-, don’t beef with Nicki Minaj, don’t beef with Nicki Minaj if you want fashion, don’t beef with Nicki Minaj. Fashion doesn’t like that beefing s—,'” she said in a now-deleted follow-up clip. “You’re not gonna post any of that f—— s—.”

Online, many have been making their (mixed) feelings known.

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