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Nicki Minaj Calls Out Italian Designer Who Used Her Name on Shoes But Won’t Give Her a Paid Collection

Nicki Minaj and Giuseppe Zanotti (Century Black/

Rapper Nicki Minaj has called out Giuseppe Zanotti, alleging he declined to work with her on a shoe collection.

The emcee name dropped the Italian shoe designer in several of her past songs including “Monster” and “Pound The Alarm,” showing her adoration for his brand. On Friday, Feb. 3, Minaj posted a series of tweets saying Zanotti used her name for several footwear titles but declined to discuss a possible collaboration.

Minaj also noted Zanotti has recently created collections with other celebrities, including Zayn Malik and Jennifer Lopez this year.

Minaj alluded to racism as the reason why the fashion veteran hasn’t done a formal, paid collaboration with her. Fans later got #GiuseppeWhatsGood trending worldwide and it became the No. 1 topic in the UK.

The rapper also took her message to Instagram, posting a screenshot of the various designs named “Nicki” and announcing Zanotti has 24 hours to respond to her request to open up a business discussion.

Minaj also posted a screenshot of comments on Giuseppe Zanotti Design Instagram page where her fans wrote #GiuseppeWhatsGood throughout.

She also joked that she and Zanotti should take on each other in the boxing ring.

A fan later revealed Giuseppe Zanotti Design removed all shoes named “Nicki” from their website, which Minaj seemed delighted by.

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