10 Hits You Didn’t Know Were Written by Ne-Yo

Rihanna (1)

“Hate That I Love You” by Rihanna ft. Ne-yo:
Ne-yo wrote the song for the “Umbrella” singer back in 2008. During an interview with The Cleveland Scene, he explained, “Rihanna came up with the idea of it being a duet, which was weird to me, because we’re so much like brother and sister, it’s disgusting. The energy we have on each other is nowhere near a boyfriend and girlfriend thing. When we did the video, we had to figure out a way to not make it weird.”

Beyonce (1)

“Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé:
To date, this tale of a fed up woman has become one of Ne-yo’s greatest hits. “When I first wrote this, I wrote it from a male’s perspective,” the singer-songwriter told The Cleveland Scene. “But there are certain things that women can say that men can’t without getting in trouble. Any man that was going to sing that song would completely alienate his entire audience, which is women.”

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