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Megyn Kelly Repeatedly Disrupts Black Guest Who Calls For Racial Healing After Torture Video Surfaces  

On the Jan. 4 edition of Fox News‘ “The Kelly File,” conservative host Megyn Kelly shot down calls for racial unity and healing after the torture of a mentally disabled white male by a group of Black Chicago youths was streamed live on Facebook.

During the live telecast, Kelly dismissed Black liberal commentator Richard Fowler’s attempt to call for unity after the disturbing incident.

“We as a nation really got to sit down,” Fowler says. “White, Black, yellow, blue, orange, purple and have a conversation on how we come together as Christians, Muslims and Jews. … We are all American at the end of the day and this is sickening.”

In the Facebook live stream, a white male is on the floor tied up with duct tape covering his mouth. He is cowering in a corner as a young Black male and a young woman stand over him shouting “F–k Donald Trump! F–k  white people!”

While Fowler acknowledged that the video was disturbing, Kelly did not want to discuss racial healing of any kind.

“Does this one act, this disgusting, awful criminal act, is it any sort of a statement on who we are as a people?” Kelly asks Fowler. “Or are these just thugs? And not young people making stupid decisions. No! Thugs who are torturing a man.”

“We can agree that what this election showed us that whether you are Democrat or Republican, the nation is equally divided,” Fowler replies. “Some people sit on one side and some sit on the other. … We’ve only thrived when we’ve worked together.”

Chicago police were made aware of the video Tuesday and have arrested four people in connection with the incident. Multiple sources state the victim was tied up, beaten and burned with cigarettes for nearly 24 hours before being released.

Police found the victim walking down the street around 5:30 Tuesday, Jan. 3, and took him to a nearby hospital.

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