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Whoopi Goldberg Compares Teens in Torture Incident to Dylann Roof, Met With Applause

On the Jan. 6 edition of ABC’s “The View,” comedienne and co-host Whoopi Goldberg sided with conservatives when she compared the torture of a disabled white teen in Chicago to that of Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof’s massacre of nine parishioners.

The outspoken entertainer scolded the suspects responsible for filming, beating and torturing a teen with mental disabilities.

“I never wish bad stuff on folks,” she says. “I hope they throw the book at you. And, for me, there is nobody in the world, not white people, not Black people, not Asian people, no one has the right to do what you people have done.”

Goldberg told the audience during her recap of the incident that the victim allegedly thought the four suspects were his friends. She exclaimed that the four were like “Dylann Roof to me.”

“I wish they’d put you under the prison,” Goldberg says.

The other co-hosts agreed with everything Goldberg said, with Joy Behar saying that there is “a certain sadistic behavior in this that needs to be looked at.” Jedediah Bila added that any person of any race should be sickened by the video.

“One good thing that comes out this is Black, white whatever you are, we’re all human,” Bila says. “No human being can watch someone being tortured like this and not be sick to their stomach. That’s the only thing that brings us together.”

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