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Fox’s Megyn Kelly Got More Than She Bargained For as D.L. Hughley Repeatedly Destroys her False Narratives on Racism


On the July 13 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File, host Megyn Kelly and actor, writer and comedian D.L. Hughley get into a heated debate over the recent killings of Louisiana man Alton Sterling and Philando Castile in Minnesota.

In the explosive segment, the comedian comments on the fact that Mark Fuhrman was on before him.

“I didn’t know Mark Fuhrman was going to be here,” Hughley says.

Kelly asks, “What did you make of that, because you’re shaking your head?”

“I think that cops have a different perspective than us, and I think it was interesting to hear Mark Fuhrman, who was actually, got in trouble for perjuring himself, call somebody a liar. It’s ridiculous,” the comedian responds.

Then it began. The two clashed over the Black Lives Matter movement and police brutality.

Hughley: We were talking about the young man that just got murdered in Minnesota.

Kelly: And the rush to judgment and the assumption you know something when you don’t actually know it.

Hughley: Well first off, what I’ll tell you is this. It is not uncommon for you all to see one thing. The only place racism doesn’t exist is Fox News and the police department.

Kelly: Come on.

Hughley: That’s the only place. That’s absolutely true.

Kelly: That’s insulting. You just insulted millions of people watching this channel.

Hughley: And you know what? I’m insulted by the things I hear on this network, so we’re even. I could care less about insulting people that insult me on a daily basis.


Hughley: I think a lot of people on this network have never seen a Black man they didn’t think deserved it.

Since last night’s interview, Hughley has been at the center of a maelstrom of conservative, white backlash. However, many of his fans and supporters came to his defense.











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19 thoughts on “Fox’s Megyn Kelly Got More Than She Bargained For as D.L. Hughley Repeatedly Destroys her False Narratives on Racism

  1. Megyn Kelly…eww.

  2. DL, only said a mouth full of the truth to closed minded people who don't want "CHANGE"!

  3. Where are the racist….and go!

  4. The self righteous "i'm white so I"m right" attitude. Arrogant blonde, pasty faced who thinks that because she moderates a debate she gets the last word and that anything else is "insulting". He handled her..don't back down brother. Well said.

  5. Truth hurts Megyn. That's why you were ralking over him.

  6. She treated Donald with way more respect but, she's not racist…oh and she tried so hard to talk over him and make him upset and interrupt any good points that he could possibly make….She planned to be rude to him….never planned to respect him. SAD excuse of a journalist she is..

  7. Most white people have not been in this country very long,but they have been here long enough to know better than they are talking,thay have forgotten those hell holes their ancester crawled out of,and ran to america. my great ngreat grand father was born in Suffolk,Va. in 1818,we still fell that today.

  8. Didn't sound like that to me.

  9. Diane Butler says:

    Of course it wouldn't!

  10. Diane Butler says:

    I knew they were going to do a cover up and reverse this mess even with eye witnesses. There will never be any peace if justice is never served. Now it is the victims fault that the police murdered them.This is why they put these officers on administrative leave with pay so they can come up with a story. Fox news is so full of shit, they hated on Obama cause he is black. They hate Hillary casue she is not a racist. They love that racist ass Trump, kissing his ass every step of the way. Megan sounds like a damn fool with her assumption of what took place inspite of the witnesses and videos. Had it been a white person, her story would be totally different. A mind is a terrible thing to waste Megan! You are too damn old to be that damn folish!

  11. Diane Butler says:

    Philando Castile Shooting Officially Ruled A Homicide. suck on that Megan Kelly.

  12. Nikki Barrow says:

    You know what I want Kelly to do. And I double dare her go under cover as a black male and they can do it. And let her ass ride though the hood or maybe suburban neighborhood and spend a weak like that and she do even have to have a gun and see how well that goes. Matter fact I dare any white person to do it. I DON'T HERE YOU. COME ON VOLUNTEERS MAKE SURE YOU CATCH IT ON FILM.

  13. Not sure what history books you've been reading but this land had been settled for centuries, and to say "white people" haven't been here long is simply stupid. Mine came over in 1723, Baltamore MD.

  14. Mekhat Sa-Ra says:

    Michelle Solari Smith is Sarah Palin…Only dumber

  15. I thought minorities could not be ràcist. So how could officer jeronimo Yanez be racist if he is latino and asian.

  16. stupid is what stupid says

  17. Rhonda Westbrook I have heard this stated numerous times that blacks cannot be racist…Oh sorry, my mistake…that only applies to blacks not other minorities like officer Ynez who is latino/asian. So it only applies to blacks. How about George Zimmerman whose great great grandfather was a black former slave but it must of been the latino in him that caused him to be called a white hispanic. I wonder what people would call me as genetic testing put me at 6% western African, though I admit I am white as white could be.

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