Skai Jackson and Azealia Banks Lit Each Other Up on Twitter — Over Former Boy Band Member



Azealia Banks has entered another Twitter feud, and this time it’s with Disney Channel star Skai Jackson over former One Direction member Zayn Malik.

The battle began when Jackson tweeted about Banks’ Instagram post where she said Malik stole visuals for his new music video, “Like I Would”, from her clips for “Yung Rapunxul” and “Chasing Time,” according to The Daily Mirror.

Banks got into a Twitter war with the ex-boy band member when she went in on him for appropriating Black culture.

Banks calls Malik a “white boy” despite the fact that his father is English-Pakistani, according to Biography.

The rapper’s derogatory tweets has gotten her removed from headlining Rinse FM’s Born & Bread Festival in July, according to The Guardian.

After the Malik feud, 24-year-old Banks focused on Jackson when the 14-year-old tweeted the following:

Banks responded, and the two exchanged insults.

They also took aim at each other’s careers.

Then they brought their mothers into the mix.

Jackson made a pun on Banks’ name.

And Banks responded by taking aim at Jackson’s internet meme of her sitting backstage before an interview in April. It’s frequently used to show pettiness online, according to Know Your Meme.

The battle didn’t stop there. The Black women tore each other down even more. This time, they fired at each other for their appearances. Banks poked fun at Jackson’s body while the “Jessie” actress bashed the rapper’s hair.

The squabble finally ended when Banks told the child star to enjoy her fame while it lasts and Jackson decided she had enough of the back and forth, deeming the conversation a waste of time.

One user in support of Jackson posted a tweet using the meme in question after the fire had died down.

This is the latest in a slew of online arguments the MC has had involving celebrities. Others include taking on the BeyHive in April after Banks praised and then criticized Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” visual album. She also took aim at rapper Wale earlier that same month, accusing him of selling Black women into slavery.

Tuesday night’s social media battle is the first one for Jackson. But her mother, Kiya Cole, weighed in on her Instagram account saying, “I don’t play those games.”

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