Farrakhan Delivers Controversial Advice to Black People Pulled Over by Cops

*Farrakhan’s Advice to Black People During Police Stops: Know Your Rights, But Know the Nature of Your Enemy

*Louis Farrakhan’s Words of Wisdom to Caller Is Much Needed In Time of Extreme Police Brutality

*Minister Louis Farrakhan Reminds Black People That Knowing Your Rights Mean Nothing If a Police Officer Is Dead Set On Harming You

*Louis Farrakhan’s Advice to Black People During Police Encounters: ‘If It Comes a Time When Your Life Is Threatened, Fight Like Hell’

**Farrakhan’s Advice for Surviving Police Encounters: Know Your Rights But Be Prepared to Fight Like Hell
**Farrakhan Tells Black People to Respect Police But Be Ready to Fight Like Hell, If Necessary

In light of recent police-involved killings of Black people, the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan offered succinct advice to motorists during a Dec. 11 appearance on “Muhammad & Friends.”

Farrakhan, who has always been vocal about police brutality, addressed a caller who wanted to know how to deal with a police officer and avoid becoming a hashtag. The Nation of Islam leader’s advice was simple and straight to the point: “If it comes a time when your life is threatened, fight like hell.”

Farrakhan also instructed the caller in the video, posted Dec. 20, to always ask for the help and guidance of Allah. “Sometimes, the enemy … is gonna come at you in a way to cause you to respond in a way to justify killing you,” he says. “The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said to us in this day, that enemy will come right up to you and spit in your face.”

Farrakhan said there will be times when you may have to turn the other cheek, but that doesn’t mean every time is one of those times. Farrakhan believes a time of “intense darkness” is approaching and the enemy will try to kill as many Black people as possible. When that day arrives, knowing your rights will not be enough, he said.

“See, smart people may know your rights,” Farrakhan says. “But you don’t know the nature of the enemy you’re dealing with. … So, brother, you got to be wise as the serpent and humble as the dove. And, sometimes, you will make it through.”

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