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Tim Wise Calls Out the Laughable Outrage of ‘Oppressed’ White People In Less Than One Minute

On the Dec. 3 edition of MSNBC’s “Am Joy,” writer and educator Tim Wise discussed the recent uptick in racialized incidents after the Nov. 8 election of Donald Trump.

In the 1-minute clip from Saturday’s broadcast, Wise compared the plight of Black people in American to the alleged oppression of whites.

“What is interesting about these videos we have been seeing, they really demonstrate the fragility of whiteness,” Wise explains. “If you think getting slow service at a Starbucks is oppression, then clearly you have never been racially profiled by the New York Police Department. If you think that being asked to buy a $1 reusable bag at Michael’s is oppression, then you never been choked out on the streets of Staten Island the way Eric Garner was.”

After reminding the audience of two instances where white customers have lashed out at Black retail workers, Wise educated viewers on victimization, putting a final nail in the coffin for many who claim oppression.

“Oppression is being chased down by an officer who shoots you from behind, in the back, from a distance of 17 feet and still can’t get a conviction for him,” he says. “When white folks are claiming to be the victims, we are proving how little we understand victimization.”

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