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Trump Voter Calls Black Starbucks Barista ‘Trash’, ‘B—-‘ As He Berates Her Over a Long Wait


A Miami, Florida, Donald Trump voter took his rage and frustration out on a Starbucks barista because he thought his order was taking far too long.

In a video captured by another customer, Jorge de Cárdenas, a disgruntled white customer begins yelling at a Starbucks employee Wednesday, Nov. 16.

“He said it was ‘anti-white discrimination,'” Cárdenas told The Miami New Times, “so he started disparaging the staff. One patron called him an a–hole, so he said, ‘F— you, b—-.’ That’s when I started filming.”

In the video, the unidentified man claims he is a victim of anti-white discrimination while threatening violence toward employees and hurling insults.

At the beginning of the clip, the customer steps behind the counter and starts yelling “I voted for Trump! Trump!” Then, he steps away and makes more demands. The customer implies that the barista is a Hillary Clinton supporter before firing off at the mouth once more: “You lost, now give me my money back.”

The man continues his coffee shop rampage as he goes to the front counter to confront the barista. At that moment, the customer asks the woman for her name, but the woman refuses to oblige, so he verbally accosts her:  “I want your card. You are garbage. You are complete trash.”

Eventually, another patron grows tired of the angry Trump voter and confronts him.

Come on,” the other customer says. “There’s no need to talk like that. You want to talk like that, take it outside. But do not talk to other people that way.”

The two men almost come to blows, but the angry Trump voter leaves the shop before violence erupts.

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