Gabrielle Union Ignites Twitter Storm with Relationship Advice

Gabrielle Union (@gabunion/Instagram)

Gabrielle Union (@gabunion/Instagram)

Gabrielle Union’s advice on how to find love caused a social media frenzy after users cried foul on her sentiments.

While speaking to The Grio to promote her film, “Almost Christmas” with co-star Omar Epps, the reporter asked Union what information would she tell anyone hoping to fall in love after heartache.

In response, the actress reflected on her own experience.

“There’s always options and a lot of times we have to get out of our own way,” she said. “We have an idea of what our type is and if your type hasn’t worked for you in 40 years — guess what? Your type sucks!”

“Think outside the box!” Union continued. “Maybe they’re younger, maybe they’re older, maybe they don’t come in the shape or size or color that you assume that they would come in. But there’s [sic] so many dope people out there that if you open yourself up and get out of your own way, you’re going to have a lot of options. A lot more options, at least, than you think.”

However, many on Twitter blasted the actress for her opinion Nov. 15 and T.L.O.A. saw it coming.

Darth Paul said Union is not the person to turn to for relationship advice.

Even though Paul didn’t elaborate, Kristaps offered some insight as to why.

The user referenced Union’s now-husband NBA star Dwyane Wade fathering his third child while the pair were on a break, according to Atlanta Black Star. Still, news outlets discovered that Xavier Zechariah Wade, now 3, would have been conceived before Union and Wade’s tentative split.

Whether or not Wade impregnated another woman during his break with Union or not, Pettyhontas thought the actress should take her own love advice.

Meanwhile, several others on the social media platform came to Union’s defense.

Lakeshow Reesey blamed jealousy for the negative response.

@SushiFaxe defended Wade’s “on break baby” conception and reflected on naysayers in relationships with men who cheated on them.

Additionally, Schoolchick Q found the gloomy reaction “troubling.”

But Union didn’t need any support. She shot back at detractors herself.

The actress expressed the importance of context with her remarks on finding love.

Then, she owned her dismal record in past relationships.

Finally, Union proclaimed she would “never offer advice without explaining my whole truth.”

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