White Baltimore Teacher Completely Snaps on Black Students: ‘Punk A– N—ers Who Gonna Get Shot’

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A white Baltimore, Maryland, teacher called her Black students “a bunch of broke a– n—-rs who are gonna be shot” after disciplining an unruly child.

The clip was posted by parent and Facebook user Erica Esha Deminds yesterday, whose son was forced out of class prior to the racial outburst.

In the video, the Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School teacher attempts to remove a disruptive student from her classroom. The two can be seen exchanging verbal jabs and challenging each other.

“Get out of my class! Get out of my class!” the teacher exclaims as she pulls on the student’s hoodie. The student at first refuses to leave, then says “Forget you” as she escorts him out.

The teacher re-enters the class and says, “Who else needs to friggin’ leave?” She then yells, “You’re getting zeroes for doing NOTHING! I gave you the work!”

At about the 47-second mark, a student holding a computer appears to ask the woman a question, but she doesn’t respond, not moving for several seconds. She then unleashes her unprompted racial tirade: “You’re idiots! … One of you broke a– n—-rs are gonna be shot. You’re stupid! You’re stupid! Learn something! Be a man!”

Other media outlets have reported that the teacher may have stated “punk a– n—-rs” in the clip. At that point in the video, the audio becomes unclear due to the students in the background. It is possible she could have said either of the two phrases.

Activists took to twitter to grab the school’s administration attention in wake of the controversial incident. Twitter user @mellie4Justice posted Principal Denisha Logan’s contact information so that the administration can take future disciplinary action.


According to WBALTV 11 News, the teacher has been terminated after Baltimore City schools CEO Sonja Santelises saw the cellphone footage. The teacher involved worked for the school district for four years and has not had incidents of this kind before.

In fact, Deminds spoke highly of the teacher before this viral tirade took the net by storm.

“She’s a good teacher. I know her. I’ve talked to her before. It took me by surprise to see her in action like that, because I’ve never witnessed it before,” Deminds said. “It was heartbreaking to see her talk to the kids that way, to hear her say the things she said to the kids. And most of the kids in the class look up to her, they admire her, my son is one of them.”

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