Kansas Parents Fuming After Middle School Teacher Told Children White People Are More Superior

Some Lawrence, Kansas South Middle School parents are outraged that their children’s middle school teacher made white supremacist comments during a class lecture.

Last week, Monique Richardson’s sixth grade son came home confused after his teacher allegedly said white people were more successful and superior to other races. According to 41 Action News, the social studies teacher drew the ire of a least half a dozen other parents. This incident was the last straw. Many of them took their grievances to school officials.

“… Whites are more superior than Blacks and that’s because of the color of our skin,” Richardson recalls the teacher’s alleged statements.  “We’ll never make the amount of money that other races make … I want to know what his angle is. What is his reasoning for saying this? To teach our children that another race is superior is basically telling our children that they should give up.”

Another parent tells reporters that this was not the first time. Tanzanian immigrant Chitama Chitama says that his children would tell him stories of other racial incidents.

“Most of the time, they were complaining about how he does not like Black folks,”  Chitama recalls. “He would say to them, ‘You don’t need to say something,’ or ‘Shut up,’ or those kind of things. He made the kids feel like they were not treated fairly.”

As of this report, the teacher has been suspended with pay. The parents plan on taking their concerns to Lawrence Board of Education Monday, Oct. 24.

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