Missing24 Launches Boycott After White Atlanta Club Owner Calls V-103 ‘A Racist Station’

Community group Missing24 Inc. calls for Boycott of Tongue and Groove nightclub (Missing24 Inc./Facebook)

Community group Missing24 Inc. calls for Boycott of Tongue and Groove nightclub (Missing24 Inc./Facebook)

A white club owner in Atlanta, Georgia, called a Black radio station racist, leading a Black community organization to call for a boycott.

Entrepreneur Wil May posted an image of Scott Strumlauf’s status, which blasted radio station V-103 for its criticism of President-elect Donald Trump.

“Radio 103.3 is a racist station,” Strumlauf – co-owner of Tongue and Groove nightclub – wrote on Facebook on Nov. 10. “Stop playing the race card. What a crutch, an excuse. Your [sic] not in jail, you have no limitations. Stop whining and looking for something for nothing. You’re owed nothing!!!!! Trump spoke the truth. It may hurt, but too bad.”

Then, May shared the screenshot across his social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.


After local Atlanta party promoter Tiwa Works shared it on his page, it caught the attention of Missing24 International Inc. The grassroots organization focuses on “social change, community empowerment, economic fairness and political justice,” for Black people according to its Facebook page.

In response to Stumlauf’s remarks, Missing24 issued a statement Nov. 12 to him and Michael Krohngold, who also owns Tongue and Groove.

In the document, the group acknowledged Strumlauf’s apology, which it deemed “a complete failure that only served to display your ignorance and insensitivity further.”

Once social media users blasted Strumlauf, he followed up his initial condemnation of V-103 by expressing regret.

“I apologize for referring to 103.3 in that manner and anyone I may have offended,” he said in part. “I completely understand the struggles we all face and it’s time to put this all to rest.”


Because of that, the organization readied a “full-scale social media campaign targeting your businesses.” Missing24 enacts community-based business bans on those that take Black money without halting injustices. It offered Strumlauf and Krohngold the chance to discuss solutions on how to get involved in such actions with Missing24. If they did, the organization would cease its planned boycott of their establishments. Those businesses are not limited to just Tongue and Groove. They also include a Georgia Title Loans and Metropolitan Pizza Co.

However, it appears no such meeting occurred because on Monday Missing24 called for Black consumers to boycott Tongue and Groove. And according to Saturday’s statement, the group will call on their international and celebrity people of influence to execute the club’s boycott.

Today, Strumlauf’s Facebook page is open to limited viewing, with only two posts from 2011 posted. He also removed his Facebook profile photo.

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