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‘White Folk Like You’ Michael Eric Dyson Rips Into Republican Commentator for Dismissing Trump’s Racist Antics

Author Michael Eric Dyson confronted conservative Scott Jennings for refusing to acknowledge President Trump’s ongoing racist actions.

A poll study conducted by Quinnipiac University in June revealed 49% of Americans in the United States feel Trump is racist. CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked what Jennings and Dyson made of the poll results and the conservative said it’s a “reflection of the extreme political polarization.”

Camerota listed several incidents Trump displayed racism such as the president’s case that he settled in 1973, 1998 and 2002 where he was accused of “discriminating against minorities at his rental properties.” She also noted his birtherism remarks, calling the white supremacist of “fine people”, attacking NFL players who kneeled for social injustice and more examples.

Jennings replied to the CNN host and said, “No, I don’t believe they’re racist… I believe they are not well informed.”

Dyson couldn’t believe what he was hearing and sarcastically fired back at the conservative, “Yeah, and the KKK just is looking for a discount on linen, it’s not a racist organization, they just wear sheets when they get up at night and sleepwalk.”

The Georgetown University professor continued, “It’s not the white supremacists who are the problem, it’s white moderates and conservatives who are complicit by trying to dismiss it,” referencing to Jennings.

Dyson slammed the CNN commentator for justifying racist actions that are “essentially naked raw statements.” However, Jennings said Dyson and other Americans believe all those of the GOP party are racists despite what good they do in the country.

Ultimately, Camerota and Dyson were both confused as to how Jennings could just overlook Trump’s blatant racist conduct.

Dyson interrupted the conservative and told him, “We have a clear-cut example of racial animus, at the very least racially disparaging comments, racial inclinations that are outside not only the norm of what we accept is humane but [Trump] has emboldened white supremacists to come forward.”

Jennings was still trying to defend the president and said he’s refuted Trump’s comments in the past. However, Dyson disagreed with his argument and shut the commentator’s argument down completely.

“Until white folk like you can stand up and find your spine, you will continue to be complicit in the racist animus of this country!”

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