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Whoopi Goldberg Completely Shuts Down Co-host Who Downplays Racism in Trump’s Win

Sparks fly after Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Jedediah Bila got into a heated exchange over the racial overtones dominating President-elect Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the Oval Office.

During a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” co-hosts sparred over CNN political commentator Van Jones’ statements attributing a “Whitelash” for propelling Trump to the presidency. On Nov. 8, Jones said that white resentment stemming from President Barack Obama’s two terms and human rights movements in the past few years fueled Trump’s campaign.

Bila insists that Jones’ statements are not true because the election of Obama was an indicator that the nation is headed into a post-racial society.

“The country united in 2008 … You united under his message of hope and change and then you re-elected him … This had nothing to do with race for me. ” The conservative commentator adds that this election was about change—- just as voters wanted in 2008 with Obama.

However, Goldberg is not in agreement with this assessment. The comedienne reminds her co-host that Obama was subjected to a myriad of racial slurs and berating comments that his predecessors did not have to endure.

“What you’ve heard for the last four years is that he doesn’t speak for us. He doesn’t have our best interest in heart. Who are they talking about ? He is an American president trying to help you.”

At one point, Bila interjects claiming that she is looking at everything through a lens of race. But Goldberg fires back.

“… This is why Black people don’t want to talk to white people. Because anytime you say hey this is what it feels like people are like you bringing out the race card. So it makes you not want to have the conversation …”


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