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What These White South African Farmers Did to This Black Man Is the Definition of Inhuman

Video of a Black South African farm worker being stuffed and compacted into a coffin has gone viral after being initially posted on YouTube.

In the video, two white men — who may be the landowners and the man’s employers — are standing above a casket as a Black farm worker is slowly shoved into the wooden box. One of the men attempts to put a wooden top on the casket while the other films the entire incident.

Meanwhile, there is a cacophony of yells in Afrikaans and Zulu. At one point, the man holding the top says “Get in, I want to throw some petrol.” Subsequently, the cameraman threatens to put a snake inside the coffin to further punish the man.

According to the U.K’s Daily Mail, both languages are commonly used by Black South Africans and some white farmers.  In addition, the Daily Mail reports that this incident is one of many controversial racial incidents this year. Since January, the South African Human Rights Commission has received 160 racism-related complaints.

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