White South African Woman on Trial for This Insanely Racist Tirade Against Black Africans

After thieves robbed her car, a white South African driver was caught on video hurling the k-word at Black police officers on scene assisting her.

In the video captured in June of this year, the enraged woman, identified as Vicki Momberg, walks around her vehicle shouting insults.

“I don’t care what anyone says,” she says while on her cell phone. “I do not like a single Black in Jo’burg.”

At one point in the 5-minute clip, a white officer asks Momberg to stop harassing his colleagues. But she continues to intensify the situation, calling the officers “b—-s.” Then, the furious woman compares Black people in Johannesburg to other Black people in neighboring Durban.

“They’re opinionated, they’re arrogant and they’re just plain and simple … useless.”

According to The New York Times, Momberg is currently on trial and will likely face a fine for calling officers a “kaffir.” The racial slur “kaffir” is a derogatory term used to berate Black South Africans, and it is similar to the n-word used by racists in the U.S.

On Thursday, Oct. 27, she appeared in court and pleaded guilty in order to get a lighter sentence.

This recent incident has inspired South African lawmakers to push for harsher penalties for public displays of racism and hate speech. According to the draft law, the Crimes and Hate Speech Bill will try to course-correct the errors of  Apartheid racism by referring hate speech cases to criminal courts instead of civil courts.

The New York Times reports that first-time offenders could be punished up to three years in prison under the new law. And a repeat offender can possibly be imprisoned up to 10 years.

Momberg is currently awaiting a new trial date, per IOL News.

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