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Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Fails Miserably Trying to Defend his Call for Revolt if Trump Loses 

On the Oct. 28 edition of CNN’s “New Day,” former GOP U.S. Representative from Illinois Joe Walsh stands by a tweet calling for all out revolution if Donald Trump loses in November.

His divisive tweet is one of many accusations coming from surrogates and Trump’s campaign claiming that the 2016 election is rigged.


And Walsh is the latest supporter to add fuel to the conspiratorial fire. After the Dallas shooting that claimed five officers’ lives, he made headlines threatening violence toward President Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter activists. In the tweet from Oct. 26, Walsh says that he will be grabbing a musket Nov. 9 and asks if others will do the same.

“The American people are waking up. These are serious times. You nailed it. This is an ugly, nasty election. But you know what? It should be. Because things in America right now are ugly and nasty, and we’re pissed off, Chris, at Republicans and Democrats … When I say, ‘grab your musket, man, and let’s go to war if Hillary wins,’ the Republican Party’s going to be in our sights … All these people are pissed off again at what we believe, Chris, is a corrupt political system.”

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