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‘Real America Is Coming After You:’ Former U.S. Rep. Declares War on ‘Black Lives Matter Punks’ and President Obama

Former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh. Photo courtesy of

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh. Photo courtesy of

A deadly ambush on police quickly unfolded Thursday night as protesters marched peacefully through the streets of Dallas. A group of unidentified gunmen reportedly opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd, ultimately killing five and injuring 12 — the majority of whom were police officers.

With the country still reeling from the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, many were quick to deem the attack an act of retaliation by “angry Blacks” upset over the recent killings of the two men at the hands of police. Others suspect it was a carefully planned attack by another group — an attack that took advantage of the rift between the Black community and police officers.

For former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh, the former is the one and only explanation for last night’s ambush. In a now deleted tweet, Walsh declared war on the anti-police brutality group Black Lives Matter and even President Barack Obama,  warning that “Real America is coming for you.”

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The ex-congressman’s outwardly racist and threatening comment prompted a firestorm of angry tweets from celebrities and citizens alike condemning him for his call of violence against Blacks.

Amid all the backlash and negative reactions, Walsh attempted to cover his butt in a series of tweets stating it wasn’t his intention to incite violence.

His act of “innocence” didn’t last long, however, as he went right back to placing blame on Black Lives Matter and President Obama.

While Walsh’s Twitter account is still up and running, many are calling for the former congressman’s page to be shut down, on account of his blatant threat toward President Obama. So far, it looks like Twitter has no plans to take action.


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