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‘Real America Is Coming After You:’ Former U.S. Rep. Declares War on ‘Black Lives Matter Punks’ and President Obama

Former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh. Photo courtesy of

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh. Photo courtesy of

A deadly ambush on police quickly unfolded Thursday night as protesters marched peacefully through the streets of Dallas. A group of unidentified gunmen reportedly opened fire on the unsuspecting crowd, ultimately killing five and injuring 12 — the majority of whom were police officers.

With the country still reeling from the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, many were quick to deem the attack an act of retaliation by “angry Blacks” upset over the recent killings of the two men at the hands of police. Others suspect it was a carefully planned attack by another group — an attack that took advantage of the rift between the Black community and police officers.

For former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh, the former is the one and only explanation for last night’s ambush. In a now deleted tweet, Walsh declared war on the anti-police brutality group Black Lives Matter and even President Barack Obama,  warning that “Real America is coming for you.”

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The ex-congressman’s outwardly racist and threatening comment prompted a firestorm of angry tweets from celebrities and citizens alike condemning him for his call of violence against Blacks.

Amid all the backlash and negative reactions, Walsh attempted to cover his butt in a series of tweets stating it wasn’t his intention to incite violence.

His act of “innocence” didn’t last long, however, as he went right back to placing blame on Black Lives Matter and President Obama.

While Walsh’s Twitter account is still up and running, many are calling for the former congressman’s page to be shut down, on account of his blatant threat toward President Obama. So far, it looks like Twitter has no plans to take action.


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20 thoughts on “‘Real America Is Coming After You:’ Former U.S. Rep. Declares War on ‘Black Lives Matter Punks’ and President Obama

  1. Obama and BLM did not get police killed, police murdering innocent african americans, prosecutors refusing to prosecute them, juries refusing to indict them and judges refusing to convict them got police killed. When you cannot get justice in the court house, murder victims family will be obtain justice in the street house. The blame lies squarely on the justice system and the legislators who refused to throw killer cops in jail for decades.

  2. Jerry A Yock says:

    He will get off, look at Hillary Clintin.

  3. I'm sorry. I thought making such threats against the law. Wouldn't that make him a terrorist? Hmmm.


  5. Don't you DARE. you sit down and you SHUT up. We have EVERY right if BLM can threaten and carry out the murders of our cops then we Americans can tell you right to your face. bring it ON!.. Obama is to BLAME for al of this along with people like you destroying our country .. enough black temper tantrums.. do NOT try to take away our rights to tell you that you better stop or your going to face the wrath of millions of American people.

  6. NO SIR you KNOW this you clown We are done.. you have no warriors what you have are walking death. What you have is ruining this country. What you have is blood on your hands and I speak for millions when I say BRING IT ON!.. you will LOSE

  7. What are you going to do besides type things your coward ass wouldn't say in person to any minority???As I thought,NOTHING BUT SPREAD THE WICKEDNESS IN YOUR HEART!

  8. James Lewis says:

    Killing cops who had nothing to do with it is "justice"..? Nah… that's not justice, that's stupidity and will escalate the current problems we have…


  10. Sharon Thornton Palmer YOU SPEAK FOR UR SELF ,

  11. Sharon Thornton Palmer

  12. Sharon Thornton Palmer reparations must be paid.

  13. No justice, no peace. Justice or else. Respect existence or expect resistance.

  14. Sharon Thornton Palmer People are sick of white world terror domination as well, are they not?

  15. What makes me absolutely LIVID is you people calling for Mr Walshes arrest. How ignorant are you? How long are we supposed to allow Obama and blacks to ruin this country and burn it down? Calls from blacks all over this country to kill cops especially white ones. and you have the GALL to get mad beacuse we are ready to meet you in battle to protect them and ourselves from YOU. YOU people are the American home grown terrorists.. Better NOT EVER get in my face with your spewing spit and hate.

  16. Danita Ford says:

    They are all blue eye devils they have a smoke screen to use for us to be over and done with this is just the devil and his people know that there time is getting short so they are try to courrpt people minds do not fox and cnn be your guide they all lie and they are trying to divide the country. They do not want you to think about what happen and they all want the kkk which is the police union to be protect now and regalur citizen mean nothing.Open your eyes people the media and the govermnent is the devil; The blue eye devil runs everything and now if you know the truth be aware that they are going to try to take you do.Wow A merica the land of the bull shit and home of what freedom.Were is this man body i would like to know why his family has not said any thing were are they because if that was my son and he did do something like that i would be glad to say something in his defense that is what mother do unless his parents are decease.Come people and if they used a bomd to blow this man up whty did not any buildings fall or collaps .Something is very wrong here and we need are black leader that are not uncle toms to look into this more .And this man can say what he feels but we cannot that is the problem now .

  17. Sharon Thornton Palmer You need to pay attention BLM had nothing to do with the murders.

  18. The only Terroists Blacks have ever known in the last Century were White people. They seem to have an Eternal Hatred for us….yet desire us like food with every whelm.

  19. James Green says:

    Sparda Izrael i love that quote..Respect Existence or Expect Resistance!

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