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Trick Daddy Thought It Was a Good Idea to Respond to Criticism of ‘Useless’ Black Women Like This

Trick Daddy @trickdaddydollars

Trick Daddy (@trickdaddydollars Instagram)

After rapper Trick Daddy faced criticism over a now-deleted rant deeming Black women “useless,” he took to Facebook to defend himself.

In an Oct. 25 Instagram video, the 43-year-old demanded Black women “tighten up” since Hispanic and white women are “getting very spiffy.” Trick Daddy – whose real name is Maurice Young – then dissed Black ladies for “paying $150 to get your makeup done just to go to a local club.”

“Y’all doing all that extra s— for nothing. You not achieving nothing, b—-,” he said.

The statements led many Black Twitter users to lash out. And since Trick Daddy deleted the clip, even more attacks followed on his newest Instagram post.

“Look at your dirty aura,” @dodoloversunited wrote after asking why the rapper deleted the offending video. “Look at yourself next time before talking trash.”


@mphschic03 vowed never to buy the MC’s music.


And @tish_mefirst called the “I’m a Thug” rapper a “clown.”

“Coming from a Black woman, do you hate your mom that much?” she asked before calling him “the donkey of the year.”


After the backlash, Trick Daddy shared his thoughts in an expletive-laden Facebook post Thursday.

The majority of the hoes who are mad about my video didn’t even see the damn video.. and they probably are single and…

Posted by Maurice Young on Thursday, October 27, 2016

“Real women know who they are,” he wrote in part. “What they are and what they stand for SO F— WHAT A RANDOM B—- WITH TOO MUCH TIME ON HER HAND HAS TO SAY .. you h— are followers.”

And Trick Daddy also took on social media posters who slammed his looks.

“I’ve had lupus for over 15 yrs some of you wasn’t even in elementary school yet,” he continued. “But to use that as a joke and condemn me …B—- EAT A D— ..and get out yo feelings cause I’m heartless H–.”

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