‘Oh, Hell Yes!’: Tracee Ellis Ross Teases ‘Girlfriends’ Reunion, and Fans Lose It


The band is back together again.

After 13 years and a lot of people begging for it to happen, the cast of “Girlfriends” have reunited for an upcoming episode of “black-ish.” Tracee Ellis Ross announced the exciting news Thursday on Instagram.

(From left) Jill Marie Jones, Persia White, Golden Brooks and Tracee Ellis Ross will reunite for an upcoming “black-ish” episode. (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

“So we have an extra special episode of ‘black-ish,'” said Ellis Ross, before showing her former cast mates. “And it’s a feminist episode, and I brought in some backup from some of my girlfriends.”

At that moment, the camera panned to Jill Marie Jones, Golden Brooks and Persia White, who played Ellis Ross’ close friends on the now-canceled sitcom.

“What!” screamed Ellis Ross. “Shut every door.”

“Hell yes, hell yes, oh yes,” Brooks said afterward.

The episode featuring all four women is titled “Feminisn’t,” which will air on Oct. 8, and ABC, which televises the show, gave the premise.

“When Bow [Ross] learns that Diane [Marsai Martin] and Ruby [Jenifer Lewis] don’t believe in feminism, she brings Diane to meet the women in her feminist group. Bow’s friend Abby [guest star Nadia Quinn] thinks the group needs to be more inclusive, so Bow invites three of her girlfriends to join.”

“Girlfriends,” created by Mara Brock Akil, aired on UPN from 2000 to 2008, and Jones left after the sixth season. It also spawned the spinoff “The Game,” which ran for nine seasons.

Since “Girlfriends” went off the air, there was talk about a feature film being released, but last year Brock Akil said Hollywood studios haven’t shown much interest.

As far as the reunion, Ellis Ross said it happened because all of the stars properly aligned.

“The timing was perfect to be able to bring ‘Girlfriends’ to a whole new audience. We haven’t all been together on camera since 2006,” Ross told Entertainment Weekly. “’Girlfriends’ ran for eight years and was important to so many people. Being able to merge the worlds of ‘black-ish’ and ‘Girlfriends’ was surreal for me and so much fun.”

“These are women I grew up with and love deeply, and it was easy to tap back into the magic of our chemistry and how much we love each other,” she added. “It was giggles on top of giggles on top of giggles.”

Fans pretty much lost it when the news was revealed, and there have already been calls for a coast-to-coast watch party.

“The excitement is so real!!!! Can’t wait!🎊🎉✨,” one person wrote.

“IM CRYINGGGG,” wrote someone else.

“Best news today!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾,” a third person commented.

The sixth season of “black-ish” begins Sept. 24 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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