Mo’Nique Reveals Who Gets the Real Benefit in Her Open Marriage

On the Oct. 24 edition of the “Sway in The Morning” radio show, actress, TV host and comedienne Mo’Nique reveals the juicy details about her open marriage.

Despite constant criticism, the Oscar-winning entertainer is proud of her marriage. At the 7:16 mark, Mo’Nique tells host Sway Calloway that it was her idea to open the relationship with husband Sidney Hicks.

“Everybody automatically goes to ‘So, he gets to do what he wants to do. And Mo’Nique gave him a pass to whatever he wanted to do.’ It wasn’t my husband’s idea. It was my idea 11 years ago.”

She says that back then, she wanted to have her cake and eat it, too, because of her newfound fame.

“If my husband should sleep with another woman, is that the end of our marriage? No. If I should sleep with another man, or have sex — if we gon’ do the do is that the end? No. But we’re open and honest with one another to have the conversation.”

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