KeKe Palmer Cries Uncontrollably Remembering the Horrors of Slavery on Black People

During the Revolt Music Conference on Saturday, Oct. 15, actress and singer KeKe Palmer wept as she spoke about the mental health issues tied to police brutality and slavery.

In the clip above, City of Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon talks about the mental impact of watching police brutality across social media. He says the violent images contribute to post traumatic stress syndrome.

“If you’ve watched your sisters and your brothers being shot down, killed in the street and lynched … What is happening is a mental health crisis.”

Then, Palmer interjects, “… I’m carrying the burden of my ancestors. Imagine what it was like to love somebody to see them be raped … We carry that burden … I’m sad that it happened to my people.”

Months prior to the performer’s emotional plea to address mental health, Palmer came under fire for tweeting “All Lives Matter” in the wake of July’s Dallas police shooting that claimed the lives of five officers. She defended her position stating that there are people dying in the name of religion. That episode was just one of many instances where her stance on racial issues was on display.

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