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Trump-Supporting Reporter Tries to Expose Montel Williams, But He Checks Her Threat

Scottie Nell Hughes and Montel Williams (Facebook)

Scottie Nell Hughes and Montel Williams (Facebook)

Scottie Nell Hughes thought she could threaten Montel Williams over a past lawsuit, but the talk-show host proved her wrong.

In a direct message Hughes sent on Twitter, she told Williams she “appreciated him” and did not “want to publicly bring up a bad moment” in his life. However, she warned him to “please be careful going against me because others might not have a loyalty to you.”

Hughes then linked to a 1997 article about a series of sexual assault lawsuits. However, once the last of his accusers dropped her case, Williams was vindicated, according to the New York Daily News.

In response to Hughes’ message, Williams took a screenshot and issued a warning to his Twitter followers. He tagged the Donald Trump-supporting pundit in his tweet.

“Careful threatening me when you don’t know what I know and can tell reporters,” Williams said.

Hughes followed up by backpedaling. The CNN contributor explained she “wasn’t threatening” him but “being a friend.”

But Williams didn’t buy it. He noted the suit was dropped, and the attorney who brought it to court approved.

Then, after hearing the portion about the lawyer, Hughes apologized and said it is “not highly reported as much.”

Williams issued a statement on the threat to Raw Story reiterating the problem with taking that action against him.

“Scottie has known Donald a few months; I’ve known him more than 20 years,” he revealed. “It would be unwise for her or any of these folks from central casting posing as surrogates to threaten me. They have no idea the damage me deciding to talk to a reporter about what I know would cause.”

On Twitter today, Williams also clarified he is fond of Hughes.

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