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Bill O’Reilly Thought He Could ‘Bait & Switch’ Montel Williams But Could Not Have Predicted This Epic Response from Williams

After Fox News‘ Bill O’Reilly calls Montel Williams a “coward” for not appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” last night, Williams took to Facebook/Periscope to address it.

In the 2-minute clip, Williams says that O’Reilly’s producers changed topics and the format unexpectedly. Then the former talk-show host addresses the “coward” comment for his fans.

Williams did not hold back:

“The word coward is usually used on people who have done most of the things that you have done. Like embellish and lie about your credentials as a journalist. Like the fact that your own daughter … said that you dragged your ex-wife down a flight of stairs … I spent 22 years in the military my friend. You made sure you shook your responsibility and didn’t serve …”

Here is O’Reilly’s original attack below:

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