Black Women Respond to Delta After They Rejected Medical Aid from Dr. Tamika Cross on Flight  

Aletha Maybank, Myiesha Taylor and Naeemah Ghafur (@DoctorG777 Twitter)

Aletha Maybank, Myiesha Taylor and Naeemah Ghafur (@DoctorG777 Twitter)

After a Black OBGYN was unable to assist a passenger on a Delta flight due to a disbelieving flight attendant, doctors spurred the hashtag #WhatADoctorLooksLike.

Dr. Tamika Cross shared her experience on Facebook this week, sparking outrage online. When a passenger fell ill en route from Detroit, flight attendants asked for a physician’s help. Cross made herself available, but the crew member rejected her request to offer aid, “Oh no, sweetie, put your hand down. We are looking for actual physicians.”

When Cross insisted, the flight attendant mandated the OB provide her with credentials. The ailing passenger ultimately got help from a white doctor on board and Cross gave some assistance.

Her story of discrimination influenced other Black women to show off their medical professions on social media. Many doctors shared photos of themselves in scrubs and doctor’s coats sporting their natural hair.

Nneoma, MD tagged Delta in her tweet adding, “just in case you were wondering.”

Naeemah Ghafur tweeted a photo of her with doctors Aletha Maybank and Myiesha Taylor, who became ambassadors for Artemis Medical Society. According to its website, the organization for non-white women doctors sent a letter to Delta asking for an investigation into Cross’ situation.

Kanene Ubesie shared her photo to Delta “in case you are having a difficult time breaking prejudices amongst your staff.”

Plastic surgeon and star of the reality show “Atlanta Plastic” Aisha Baron shared a collage of photos displaying her uniform.

Regina Bailey said she has faced the same problem as Cross “many times” before.

“Don’t raise your eyebrows, raise your expectations!” Majorie Michel demanded of the airline.

It was not just Black women joining the #WhatADoctorLooksLike hashtag, either.

OBGYN Draion Burch shared his photo, too.

Non-doctors also used the hashtag to praise the many physicians stepping forward. Khaleesi said she felt “overjoyed.”

@ItsNessa___ replied with applause.

Meanwhile, Vibe Connoisseur shouted out the “gracious sisters achieving.”

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