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Baltimore Hairstylist Advocates for Natural Hair in Light of Report Highlighting Aplopecia in Black Women


According to a new study released Wednesday by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Black women may suffer from traction alopecia because of their type of hairstyle.

The study — which has been published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology — shows that some Black hairstyles can make bald spots in a wearer’s head. In fact, the researchers estimate that one-third of Black women suffer from this type of alopecia. According to the results, traction alopecia is the most common form of hair loss among Black women.

In a local report from Baltimore’s WBFF, reporters spoke to local beauticians about the startling new study.

“We see it literally every day,” Yasmine Young, owner of Diaspora Salon in Charles Village, Baltimore told WBFF. “We are the only licensed natural hair salon in Baltimore.”

Young goes on to say that “traction alopecia occurs on the hairline. That’s usually the most fragile.”

Bad cases of traction alopecia can lead to irreversible damage. However, Young tells reporters that the form of alopecia is preventable.

“It’s usually from weaves or braids pulled too tight and someone has a bald spot. Then, they keep going back to the same style.”

Young and the researchers at Johns Hopkins agree that hair extensions should not be worn tightly. The tighter the hair extension, the more likely the wearer will lose hair. They also agree that going natural may be the best alternative.


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