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Witness Captures Live Footage of #AlfredOlango’s Sister in Utter Disbelief: ‘I Called for Help!’

In recently released Facebook Live footage, the sister of Alfred Olango weeps after witnessing her 38-year-old brother die in a Sept. 27 El Cajon, California police encounter.

The 25-minute footage — recorded by Facebook user Rumbie Mubaiwa in the immediate aftermath of the police-involved shooting — reveals new information.

According to an earlier Atlanta Black Star report, Olango’s sister Sarah allegedly called 911 to get medical assistance for Olango. However, El Cajon Police Officers arrived on scene instead around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. ABS reported that the man was running in and out of traffic and acting oddly prior to the ECP officers’ arrival.

“Oh my god, you killed my brother,” Sarah says as a woman consoles her. “… I just called for help and you killed him… I called so many times.”

Mubaiwa tries to offer assistance to the grieving woman. But Sarah continues to weep uncontrollably. Mubaiwa adds that there were about 20 police officers on scene and they did not try to console Sarah after the shooting.

Then, an officer asks Sarah for medical information, but the woman questions if her brother is still alive.

“I told you guys that’s he’s sick.”

Mubaiwa confirms that Sarah told officers Olango was mentally disabled.

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