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New Details From the #AlfredOlango San Diego Shooting Reveals Conflicting Accounts

A Black El Cajon, California man has died from gunshot wounds sustained from a Sept. 27 police-involved shooting.

According to San Diego’s ABC 10 News, officers responded to a pedestrian who was allegedly acting erratically in a parking lot around 2:30 p.m. The man, later identified as 38-year-old Alfred Olango, was reportedly mentally disabled and in need of medical attention.

In a Facebook live stream, Olango’s sister Sarah stated that she called 911 because her brother was having a seizure. She said he was darting in and out of traffic at the time and was not acting like himself, per the report.

ABC 10 News reports that Olango failed to show his hands and did not comply with police instructions during the encounter. El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis told media that the man drew an object from his pocket and held it like a gun. Davis added that Olango extended the weapon and stood in a shooting stance. He allegedly aimed the object at an officer’s face.

One of the arresting officers used a stun gun to subdue Olango. But a second officer drew his firearm and fired at the man. ABC 10 News believes that the officer who killed Olango was Richard Gonsalves, who reportedly has previous claims of police brutality against him.

However, NBC 7 reporter Ashley Matthews questions a witness in a Periscope interview that claims Olango was compliant. Davis said Olango had an object in his hands, but the witness says he did not. The witness says he saw officers surround the man.

“… I see a Black man surrounded by officers with their guns out. [It] caught my attention,” a witness recalls. “The Black male is up with his hands like this, scared to death, not knowing which way he’s gonna go … As soon as he runs this way, they discharge. Boom, boom, boom five shots right into him.”

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