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LeBron James Fears For His Son’s Life Around Police: ‘It’s a Scary A—- Situation’

On Sept. 26 during the Cleveland Cavaliers media day, NBA star LeBron James reveals that he fear his son could become a victim of police brutality.

In the clip above, James references the recent killings of Tulsa’s Terence Crutcher and Charlotte’s Keith Scott while addressing reporters.

“… I look at my son [who is] four years removed from driving his own car [and] being able to leave the house on his own,” he explains. “It is a scary thought right now … You tell your kids that if you just comply … things will work itself out. [But] you see these videos that continue to come out. It’s a scary a—- situation… I am not that confident that things [will turn out] well. ”

James wrestles with how to prepare his children with future encounters with cops.

However, he reminds reporters that he is not condemning all police. He wants a dialogue that can possibly solve and ease these tense situations.

Furthermore, James throws his support behind Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest.

But he will not be joining him this upcoming NBA season.

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