Witness Pushes Back Against Narrative that Cop in #KeithScott Shooting Was Black 

A Charlotte, North Carolina woman claims 43-year-old Keith Scott only had a book and complied before police shot him.

After the Sept. 20 shooting, new details have come out in the most recent high-profile police shooting.

Atlanta Black Star initially reported that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police entered a University City apartment complex to serve a man with outstanding warrants.

However, police encountered Scott, a disabled man according to his daughter Lyric Scott.

Local news reports state the man was in his vehicle waiting for his child. But police asked him to get out of his vehicle for an unspecified reason.

Officers said Scott allegedly had a gun on his person. Subsequently, they fired upon him claiming he posed a threat.

CMP placed Black officer Brentley Vinson, 26, on administrative leave for shooting Scott, per ABS.

According to WCNC NBC Charlotte, Vinson was wearing plain clothes and did not have a body cam during the incident.

In recent developments, eyewitness Taheshia Williams says the officer was white not Black, Scott was unarmed and he complied with police.

“He got out the car with his hands up because the police told him to get out the car,” she starts. “… The book fell off his lap, the book he was reading. He got out the car and then he walked around his car to the back of his car. When he walked back there, when his wife was running down saying, ‘No, stop, don’t do that,’ by the time she got right here to where his car was, they had shot that man four times.”

Williams believes that CMP are trying to cover their tracks. She adds that the man died in the apartment complex, not at the hospital.

However, another witness took a photo with a gun at the scene of the shooting.


NBC Charlotte reports that officers seized a gun at the scene.

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