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Richard Sherman to Media: Black Fathers Can’t Be in the Home If Police Are Killing Them

On Sept. 21, Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman held a news conference to address the recent police shootings of Tulsa’s Terence Crutcher and Charlotte’s Keith Scott. 

“I think you have players that are trying to take a stand … I think the last couple days a couple more guys have gotten shot and killed in the middle of the street … And I think people are still missing the point.”

The cornerback adds that it is counterproductive to ask Black men to be more active in the home while shooting them in the streets.

“… When you tell a kid, ‘When you’re dealing with police, just put your hands up and comply with everything.’ There’s still a chance of them getting shot. And [there will be ] no repercussions for anyone … It’s an unfortunate place to be in. There’s not a lot you can tell a kid … ‘We need Black fathers to be in the community to stay there for your kids.’ But they’re getting killed in the street for nothing …”

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