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Rapper Nipsey Hussle Takes on Meek Mill and The Game’s Beef: ‘This Is Bad Leadership’

Rapper Nipsey Hussle is blasting Meek Mill and The Game for beefing. The MC caught wind of the growing problems between the combative performers on social media.

The Game proclaimed he wanted to “beat” Meek during a tour stop in Miami Sept. 15.

“I just wanna beat that n—- a– for a good time,” he says. “When you see me n—- , square up. It don’t gotta be about no guns, n—- . F– Meek Mill.”

Then, Game released a single called “92 Bars” on Sept. 16 in which he dissed Meek.

“Ever since that n—a snitched on me, we just don’t speak,” the Compton, California rapper said of Meek.

Later, Meek responded on Instagram. He called Game a “fake gangsta” and took aim at the West Coast MC for appearing on the dating game show “Change of Heart.”


Sources close to the two told TMZ Meek allegedly named Game and his crew as the ones involved in a jewelry robbery of singer Sean Kingston. The incident occurred in June at a Los Angeles nightclub, where Kingston was attacked before someone stole his $300,000 chain.

The episode is what set off the beef. And the duo has been trading social media insults ever since.

In response, Nipsey demanded hip-hop “stop gassing” the argument between Meek and Game. He also declared the two should “sit down like men and express they [sic] differences.”

Nipsey stated no war of “Black men killing Black men” will occur.

He added the understanding should be made separately from their careers and the public.

And it should reach a point where everyone can deal with each other “with respect.”

Then, Nipsey said Game and Meek should handle whoever is “in the wrong.”

The MC concluded by pointing out both The Game and Meek “got a lot of young Black men on your payroll.”

He blasted the two for displaying “bad leadership.”

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