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Update: Arrests Made for Duo Who Attempted to Murder Black Family Over Dispute


Suspects involved in a Sept. 7 Antioch, California hate crime were arrested this week.

Atlanta Black Star reported last week that homeowner Roshon Williams woke up last Wednesday at 3 a.m. to a burning home and racist graffiti.

Williams, her son and daughter put out the fire with extinguishers and a water hose and saved the four children inside.

According to Antioch Police, 27-year-old Roy Charles Sorvari and 25-year-old Christyne Gail McDaniel knew the Williams family.

KTVU FOX 2 reports that the victim and one of McDaniel’s relatives had a heated confrontation prior to the hate crime.

Sorvari and McDaniel strategically placed Molotov cocktails at the exits, spray painted the n-word and swastikas on windows.

The suspects have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, mayhem, torture, assault with a deadly weapon and arson.

The two are being held on $1,290,000 bail at the Contra Costa County Jail.

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