Vandals Set Home on Fire, Painted N-Word and Swastikas, Tried to Trap Black Family of 7 

An Antioch, California woman is shocked after vandals spray painted the n-word, a swastika and threw three Molotov cocktails into her home on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

NBC Bay Area reports that Roshon Williams was awakened from her sleep around 3 a.m. Wednesday to the sound of screams.

Williams, her son and daughter immediately began putting out the fire with extinguishers and a water hose.

The three adults worked frantically to save the four children still inside the burning house.

After saving their home, the three noticed “n—-” and a swastika spray painted on their windows.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspect the morning of the incident.

“We saw him light three bottles right there on the sidewalk and proceed to throw them at the house,” Williams says.

After watching the footage, the homeowner says the suspect was of “Caucasian descent.”

Vandals intended to keep the family trapped inside because cocktails were strategically deployed at the exits, says investigator Vic Massenkoff.

Investigators are treating this incident as a hate crime and arson.

“… I haven’t bothered anybody. I don’t deserve this,” Williams tells reporters.

The homeowner warns vandals that she will protect her family at all costs.

“So no one better not cross my path.”

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