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Clemson Head Football Coach’s Revisionist History on White People’s Treatment of MLK is Appalling

In a Sept. 13 press conference, Clemson University head football coach Dabo Swinney comments on San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest — calling it a team distraction.

In addition, he tells reporters that he would not discipline a player who participated in a similar protest — believing that there is a different time for that.

The head coach thinks Kaepernick’s protest is also creating more division the nation does not need.

“It’s sad to me what’s going on in this country. It makes more division.”

Then, he cites Dr. Martin Luther King as a uniter who brought the nation together during segregation.

Swinney implies that Kaepernick should take a lesson from him.

“I think one of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen [was] MLK,” he says. “He changed the world through love in the face of hate. [Furthermore,] he changed the world through peace in the face of violence. [MLK] changed the world through education in the face of ignorance. And [King] changed the world through Jesus and boy, that’s politically incorrect. That’s what he did.”

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