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Watch What Happens When a Black Man Approaches an Elderly Woman Spying on Him With Binoculars


YouTube user Awaken Ones posted a video on July 5 of his encounter with an elderly white woman in his neighborhood.

In the clip, an elderly white woman with binoculars sits on her back porch people-watching.

“This woman got binoculars on us — watching us,” the cameraman says. “This don’t make no sense.”

When the man approaches her, she begins to scream and accuses the man of rape.

“Attack! Attack!” the woman yells. “I’m being raped! I’m being raped! Help me somebody!”

“That woman said rape and I am over here,” the man states in disbelief.

Later on in the 8-minute clip, the man calls out the woman for accusing him of rape.

“Do you know that back in the 1900s European women used to lie on Black men and say they were raping them?”

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